A Public Tender for Purchase of Pharmaceutical APIs


Aburaihan Pharmaceutical Co. intends to purchase required APIs for the production through a public tender. Thus, APIs suppliers and Import Companies are invited to fill out the below mentioned form No. . FC 400/01 and quote their competitive prices for the following APIs just to purchase@aburaihan.com by the end of 2021.04.04 Please contact + 98 21 77716660 for further information

The required APIs:



 API Quantity
Butaphosphan 600  kgs
Cloprostenol sodium    BP 500 gram  
Creatinine 100 kgs
Diclofenac sodium micronized injection grade   (Bromine Free )   Latest USP-BP-NF 7000 kgs
Estradiol Benzoate  BP 20 kgs
Estradiol Valerate  Mic BP 50 kgs
Fexofenadin HCL  Latest USP 1000 kgs
Gentamycin Sulphate USP 100 kgs
Hydroxyprogesterone Caproate     Latest USP/NF 500 kgs
Methyltestosteron USP/BP 100  kgs
Midazolam HCL  In House 5 kgs  
Mometasone Furoate  BP 4 kgs  
Raloxifene HCl Micronised   In House 50kgs
Sevelamer  Carbonate  Latest USP/EP/BP 400  kgs
Tacrolimus  In House 3000 grams
Dry vitamin E 50% CWS/S  (Vitamin E) 400 Kgs



FC 1400/01