A Public Tender for Purchase of Pharmaceutical APIs


Aburaihan Pharmaceutical Co. intends to purchase required APIs for the production through a public tender. Thus, APIs suppliers and Import Companies are invited to fill out the below mentioned form No. FC 400/06 and quote their competitive prices for the following APIs just to purchase@aburaihan.com by the end of 2021.09.28 Please contact + 98 21 77716660 for further information

The required APIs:




 API Quantity
Antipyrine 2500 kgs
Atazanavir Sulphate 25 kgs  
Alpha Tocopherol Acetate (Vitamin E) 20 Kgs
Calcitonin BP 30 MIU
Clindamycin HCL 720 kgs
Clomiphene Citrate MIC 40 kgs
Dexamethasone Base USP -NF 80 kgs
Diminazene Diaceturate In House 700 kgs
Galantamine Hydrobromide In House    12 Kgs
Ready to Press Granules of Metformin HCL78% 500 kgs
Gelatin Capsule Trirole(empty) –  200 mg -Size  0 – white body& cap-Code  W110                                                                                 10000000 PSC
Gelatin Capsule Trirole  100 (empty) -Size 2 blue  body& white cap – Code  B134  -W110 14000000 PSC
Gelatin Capsule Capsule Tranexamic Acid Size1cream body&brown cap Code Y113 -D151 9500000 PSC
Gelatin Capsule Venustat 120 mg(Printed)- Size 2  body & blue cap   -Code B111 36000000 PSC
Hydroxychloroquine 1000kgs
5-HTP 10 kgs
Iohexol USP/NF 2500 kgs  
Iodixanol USP/NF 11000 kgs  
Labetalol Hydrochloride 20 kgs
Levothyroxine Sodium  MIC USP/NF 40 kgs
Lincomycin Hcl USP/BP 265  kgs
Medroxy Progestrone Acetate USP-NF 150 kgs
Montelukast Sodium In House    40 kgs
Oxandrolone Mic. USP-NF 20 Kgs
Oseltamivir phosphate 25 kgs
Rabeprazole Sodium IN HOUSE 500 kgs
Sulfadiazine BP 1000 kgs  
Spectinomycin Sulfate Tetrahydrate USP 750 kgs  
Tetracycline HCL 220 kgs  
Tranexamic Acid 2000 kgs



FC 1400/06