A Public Tender for Purchase of Pharmaceutical APIs


Aburaihan Pharmaceutical Co. intends to purchase required APIs for the production through a public tender. Thus, APIs suppliers and Import Companies are invited to fill out the below mentioned form No. FC 99 01 and quote their competitive prices for the following APIs just to purchase@aburaihan.com by the end of 2020.04.06 Please contact + 98 21 77716660 for further information

The required APIs:



API Quantity
Bisoprolol Fumarate 20 kgs
Calcipotriol Anhydrous   USP/BP 100 grams
Clomiphene Citrate M/C 20  kgs
Clotrimazole Mic 45  kgs
Conjugated Estrogen   Latest USP-NF 300  kgs
Diclofenac sodium Mic Inj. Grade (Bromine Free )   Latest USP-BP-NF  3500 kgs
Dinoprost Tromethamin  BP 4 kgs  
Etomidate  Latest BP 1500 grams
Fenofibrate  Micronized  4000 kgs
Finasteride  MIC Latest USP/NF 200 kgs
Flunixin  Meglumine 200 kgs
HardFat W35 38400  kgs
Iodixanol      Latest USP 600   kgs
Iohexol     USP-NF 100 kgs
Ketoprofen   USP-NF 150  kgs
Sevelamer  Carbonate  Latest USP/EP/BP 350  kgs
Tenofovir  Disoproxil  Fumarate 350  kgs
Tranexamic  Acid 1000  kgs

      FC 9901