Marketing for Veterinary Drugs

Marketing means conducting and expanding the market in order to recognition and supplement of the potential
& current requirements of the consumption market. Marketing activities are the market research, identifying
market needs, the time of entering to the market due to needs, determining acceptable price to receive
goods, products & services on time respectively.
The main task of marketing management is to identify and giving precise definition of the costumer needs to plan
and implement marketing strategy and programs, aimed to meet the customer needs. Regarding that; it is essential
to access the information of costumers, competitors and other factors in the market.
Any marketing unit consists of different parts as follows:
–    Market research part
–    Market advertising part
–    Scientific part
Any marketing research includes 6 significant steps as follows:
1. Brief Research
2. Proposal Research
3. Practical Plan
4. Data Collection
5. Preparation Data
6. Research Report 

Aburaihan pharmaceutical company following its own strategies exploits environmental and local marketing structure which is responsible for collecting data through interior market, while the other stages like research and analysis of interior market are subject to be done by local experts in the own company.

Idealistic negotiation in marketing:
Our medical representative know as Aburaihan representative , oblige to communicate and maintain the connection , and they are known as out organizational agent of Aburaihan. Therefore,it is necessary for them to learn and perform negotiation. One of the significant ways of communication is being master in negotiating .
The most fundamental duty of representative is presenting products integrally and effectively. Almost, whole discussion is preface to this area.

Representative knowledge:

1- General information:
Medical representative face to the various current information exchanging: due to their present/ future costumer connections; so it is preferable to access important news and events as well as general information by newspapers or public websites which can gain their attractions. Having these information, through negotiating is very useful and worthy. All of us tend to share our interests and like those who have more similarities with us. Suppose, your future client interested in reading novels, in this situations, if you had read novels per months or literary pages of newspapers, you would be successful.

Here it is essential to consider 2 points:

–    Be careful, Huge amount of information does not lead to be talkative.
–    It is not necessary to be expert in every subjects and area in order to have particular content of general information, pay attention to the interest of yours.

2- Relative information:

A part of data related to visitor’s profession. Part of psychology, management, economics, accounting, sociology, marketing and statistics that have non-analytical aspect, can help medical representative in the way of progress.

3- A medical representative can gain information about their positions participating in some specialized training cources or throughout self-study. Having this information is vital in their vocations.

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