Domestic Sales

ABURAIHAN Pharmaceutical Company is considered among the top rank pharmaceutical manufacturing units of I.R.IRAN. It holds first rank in hormone drugs in I.R.IRAN .Its domestic sales increase at least 20% annually.

ABURAIHAN Pharmaceutical Company has emerged as an important player in the I.R.IRAN health sector by providing latest medicines of international standards for major diseases, priced with due consideration to the end consumer.

ABURAIHAN Pharmaceutical Company has a network of 36 distributing center in I.R.IRAN via 2 main distributing Co. named Daroupakhsh Distribution Co. & Hejrat Distribution Co., working nationwide and ensuring the availability of ABURAIHAN Pharmaceutical Company products for the ailing humanity and having professional field force of more than 50 people to continuously update and persuade the prescribes of I.R.IRAN .