Human Resource

Aburaihan Co. believes that the most important parameter in manufacturing Hi-Quality products is expert staff. We have placed the highest priority to educate and constantly evaluate our personnel to be coordinated with our interest of science. Most of Aburaihan Co.’s specialists have participated in short and long term training courses in different fields. The average education of our personnel is about?? M.Sc. and the average age of the personnel are about?? Years. Due to tremendous growth rate of the number of products and categories at Aburaihan Co., we are proud to have many of the Iranian educated specialists in our team and create jobs for this group of our youth. 

Our qualified and well expert personnel are involved in sever departments as : 
Managing direction by managing Dr. payam Seyfi  Direct contact (+98 21)77702067-8, 

Financial Dep., vice of Financial by. Mohammad Reza Taghian Najafabadi  Direct contact (+98 21)77889395, E-mail:

Human & Resource Dep., vice of H & R by.  Direct contact (+98 21)77704647, E-mail:

Quality Assurance Dep., vice of Q.A. by Dr. Majid KHorasanian Direct contact (+98 21)77883868, E-mail: 

Production Dep., vice of production by  Direct contact (+98 21)77883924, E-mail:  

Commercial Dep., vice of Commercial   by  Mansor Nekoeenia  Direct contact (+98 21)77716660, 

Human Dep., vice of Q.A. by Dr. Abdolreza Soleymanifar Direct contact (+98 21)77883868, E-mail: 

Veterinary Dep., vice of Q.A. by Dr. Mitra Daneshvar Direct contact (+98 21)77883864, E-mail: 

Export & sale Dep., by managing  Eng. Mr.noormohammadi  Direct contact (+98 21) 77882357, E-mail: 

Human Marketing Dep., by managing Dr.Mohsen.Tofangchi  Direct contact (+98 21)77877972, E-mail: 

Hormone Production Dep., by managing  Dr Arman Ahmad Nasrollahi Direct contact (+98 21)77707173, E-mail:

Non- Hormonal  Production Dep., by managing  Dr Fatemeh Zadsaleh  Direct contact (+98 21)77707173, E-mail:

Quality Control Dep., by managing Dr. majid meemarzadeh Direct contact (+98 21)77883925, E-mail:  

Research &Development Dep., by managing  Dr Mahsa Mirtaheri  Direct contact (+98 21)77889387, E-mail: 

Planning Dep., by managing Mr. Siavash Eslah (Chemist) Direct contact (+98 21)77883885, E-mail: 

Financial Dep., by managing Mr. Morteza Sobhani nia  Direct contact (+98 21)77878481, E-mail: 

Administrative Dep., by managing Mr. Mehran Seyed Asgari Direct contact (+98 21)77716663, E-mail: 

Engineering Dep., by managing Eng. Mr.Jamal reeis dana  Direct contact (+98 21)77878440, E-mail: 

Information & Technical Dep., by managing Eng. Mr. Mahmoud Reza Akhlaghian Direct contact (+98 21)77878482, E-mail: 

Internal procurement Dep. by managing Direct contact (+98 21)77702065, E-mail: 

Security Dep., by managing  Seyed Yaser Seyed hoseini Direct contact (+98 21)77715559 

Strategic Dep., by managing Eng. Ms.ferial zarabi  Direct contact (+98 21)77707173 , E-mail: 

  Human Clinical Dep., by  managing Dr Kobra Mosavi  Direct contact (+98 21)77701948, E-mail:

Internal Auditing  Dep., by  managing Mr mohammad Hosein Soleimani  Direct contact (+98 21)77704230, E-mail:


Organization chart is as follows :